About the classes

Currently I am only offering private classes.

You can start with yoga at any moment after 12 weeks of pregnancy. The private sessions are offered in Dutch and English. Yoga experience is not necessary.

Location and timing

In Amsterdam, on agreement.


Classes can be scheduled around the following topics:

- Regular yoga practice addressing every phase of your pregnancy.
- Special classes focusing on the female pelvis, which is currently the bed of your baby, will be your baby's birth canal, and is a tender part of our bodies even after labor.
- Birth preparation, including sessions with your partner or birthing companion.

Post-natal classes can also be arranged upon request.


Viktoria Kocsis - certified pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher


Upon request.


+31 628 31 82 82

About pregnancy yoga

While I was 15 weeks pregnant with my daughter, I followed the Birthlight Prenatal Training with Francoise Barbira Freedman. It was a wonderful opportunity to deepen understanding what we need during the different stages of pregnancy, how labor can be a natural and non-violent experience, and how to sound and breathe out a new life. After that, how to take care of ourselves, close our pregnancies, and carry on in our lives as a content mother and woman.

Based on the Birthlight principles, I am offering yoga classes that include different breathing methods, sounding, dynamic and fluid exercises, relaxation, and mothering for women and babies.

In the yoga classes, you learn to support your posture by using the ground and practicing dynamic yet gentle exercises, to help ease back pain, to strengthen your pelvis and pelvic floor, and to relax. Your special needs will also be addressed.

The course also prepares for giving birth by creating your own birthing place, finding your birthing positions, and practicing breathing techniques, sounding, and micro-movements. The anatomy and physiology of labor is also introduced. The course offers two partner classes. The partner class is for everybody you would like to have close to you during labour and birth. That supporting person can be your partner, sister, mother, friend, or anybody else who you feel fully comfortable with.

About me

Viktoria Kocsis

To start with, I am a mother of a beautiful girl, Zsofi, born in June 2009.

I am a certified yoga teacher studied at the Iyengar Yoga Institute Amsterdam and a certified pregnancy and post-natal yoga teacher of Birthlight. Besides, I followed the somatic yoga training of Leo Peppas, pregnancy yoga classes with Sandra Kirchner, studied Rolfing movement in Germany, and attended and assisted on the workshops of Donna Farhi.

Since 2006, I have been giving regular yoga classes in yogayoga and for four years I have also been teaching pregnancy yoga.

I am originally an economist and work for an economic research institute. I was born in Budapest, Hungary.

I hope to see you on my classes.